Are you in a time of transition?
Do you want support to start or grow a business?
Are you motivated by a desire to make an impact?

We call ourselves an alternative business school because we specifically support people who want to cooperate and not compete, and who share our values of action, inclusivity, and holistic living.

The Programs

Test Market : Waitlist for 2020 Explore: Starts October 4, 2019 | Register now!
Build : Starts October 4, 2019 | Apply now!


Your First Step On A New Path

“It isn't often that you are asked to really dig deep and ask yourself what makes you the person you are and how those traits can be translated into a potential project or idea to benefit our community!”

Bernadette Cheung, Explore Alumni


Hands On Business Development

“Build gave me the focus, time and critical thinking required to transform an idea into something real. We all received personalized mentorship, and on point business knowledge in a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere.”

M. Boardman, Minivillage, Alumni

Test Market

A Living Laboratory

“The Test Market was perfect for us as we didn’t invest a lot of money and we got the most out of the money we did put in. We got tremendous experience and confidence that is motivating us to keep growing the business.”

Shivam Jaiswal, Chai Shai

Get Support


“You’re getting access to decades of experience, and you can’t learn this stuff from a book.” Tong Guan, Founder, DoWhatULuv; Build alumni

We're deeply committed to building strong businesses by building strong relationships. When you're your own boss, who do you go to for support? Who's your sounding board? Our mentors are experts in marketing, lean startups, impact, sales, scaling, non-profits, sustainability, finance, branding, pricing, and operations.


Money, right? We strongly believe that all people with the drive and the capacity to be self-employed should have access to the training and the capital to do so.

We are deeply grateful to Vancity for partnering with us to offer students no fee loans to cover tuition and alumni for up to $50,000 of startup capital. Vancity will provide the loan, and Groundswell’s programs and mentors will help you manage the risk. All you need to do from here is kick butt.

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