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Founded by Joel Spooner

Aiming to bridge the gap between urban and rural lifestyles. FAREWICK has been born out of the Village concept where there are inherent connections with your farmer, butcher & baker; a real honest sense of connection and community around the food you eat and the people who produce it.

FAREWICK is growing a network of local food producers here in Vancouver; village living in the city. We will continue to grow and share this network with a wider audience so as to help stimulate the local economy and raise awareness around how and where your food is produced.

Through quality local food and events FAREWICK opens a gate to connect you into a rural lifestyle. We will be officially launching on Granville Island on June 1st 2017 where you will be able to enjoy a succulent english breakfast bap and more! Connect and engage with us as we grow FAREWICK.

by Joel Spooner

by Joel Spooner