A Hypnotherapist Takes A Leap Of Faith Into Groundswell

By Miri Malkin, Cohort 8, Groundswell Build

Each week, a participant in Groundswell’s Build program shares reflections, learnings, and experiences from their journey of building a social venture. See current and past participant posts in the Student Blog.

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Why I am glad I choose to be in the Build Program?

It was really last minute. To be honest I didn’t even know about the Build Program up until 4 days before it started, and even then, I didn’t think it is for my business.

My name is Miri Malkin. I am a hypnotherapist and a coach, and I am on a mission to bring more awareness and understanding about how hypnotherapy can help people manage in this world.

When the average person thinks about hypnosis – they think about a pocket watch swinging from side to side and a hypnotist that can make them cluck like a chicken. But Hypnotherapy is not that at all. It is about therapeutic shift that empowers you to be more resourceful. Still, I wasn’t sure how it fits with the Build Program…

Then I learnt that Groundswell is empowering people to move forward with their ideas and make a social impact. So, yes, I am on a mission, but…it seems too big, too vague…how can I make it successful?

After much thought, I decided to go all in and within 4 days I took a huge leap! I started enrolled the program – the best decision I’ve made for myself, my business and my mission!

The value I get from this program is huge! I learn practical business skills. I meet with like minded people and awesome mentors who are helping me to take giant steps forward.

There are moments where I feel stuck and confused – though if I look at my journey in the last 2 months – I jumped ahead in a way that it was impossible to do otherwise, with clearer thoughts and brighter vision I feel much more confident moving ahead.