Conscious Kitchen - Cori Busby

Ethical Meal Solutions for Busy People

Three prong business offering:
1. Batch Prep Menu Planning Subscription
2. Cooking classes and Meal Prep groups of 10+ people using SOLE - Sustainable Organic Local Ethical - ingredients
3. Meal Prep/Personal Chef Services based on foods sourced Sustainably, Organically, Locally and Ethically

Cori has had a growing interesting in nutrition and food politics since she was 13 years old. In her Professional Communication degree program almost every paper and project was written on these topics. At that point she surrendered and moved in to Nutrition. She became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, then a Certified Raw Food Chef. She has traveled the world attending nutrition conferences, permaculture courses and cooking classes and is ready to bring her passion out of restaurants and in to her own business.

Cori just launched Conscious Kitchen. It is a healthy meal prep service that offers three ways to help people focus more on their health with less time in the kitchen. Service options include monthly freezer meal prep subscriptions, group batch prep boot camps, and weekly personal chef services. Ingredients are “SOLE-fully” sourced—Sustainable, Organic, Local and Ethical and allergen-friendly.