Social Venture Showcase! March 8th 2016

Here we are after 6 months of ideating, reimagining, and building alternatives to business as usual as Groundswell's 3rd full-program cohort - and now we are ready to celebrate what we've built and share it with you on March 8th at the Social Venture Showcase!

With the support of our team of mentors and staff, we have grown and strengthened the network of social economy and entrepreneurship in Vancouver by putting our hearts and souls into these ventures, and working together.  In particular, thank you for the adventure, David LePage, and special thanks and good luck to our community coordinator and dramatic flair facilitator, Emily Huynh, in her new endeavors!

Event details

WHERE Groundswell Cafe & Clubhouse, 566 Powell Street MAP
WHEN Tuesday, March 8th
5:30 doors
6:45 programme
5:30 - 8:30 marketplace next door at the Bee Space
DONATE Help create bursaries for future participants and fuel the movement with a donation! You can choose to donate when you RSVP or, give at the door (cash only). 

The cafe bar will be open selling local brews, refreshments, and tasty snacks.

Here's a sneak peak of the social ventures we will be sharing with you on March 8th:

Keep your eyes peeled for cohort member Tasliym Li who will be filming the Showcase and interviewing attendees!

GHOULSWELL Halloween Social - Oct. 23rd

ghoulswell banner full WHERE: Groundswell Cafe & Learning Space - 566 Powell Street, Vancouver RSVP: Click to reserve your ticket to this FREE event

Come one, come all!

The 2015 Groundswell cohort is proud to present Ghoulswell: a community Halloween social. Come together with friends and family to enjoy crafts and costume making, live music, home-cooked meals, and great company!

Children and young ones are more than welcome - this evening is guaranteed to delight all members of your family and we welcome any and all who attend!

What's happening:

  • Costume making & craft stations (for adults, too!);
  • Home-cooked meals, prepared for you by the 2015 cohort;
  • Live music, courtesy of our creative community members;
  • A photobooth to capture your favourite costumes, poses, and faces;
  • A chance to meet and connect with innovators and thinkers in Groundswell and beyond.

Please RSVP for this free event here so we can make sure there are supplies and snacks for all.

Vancouver Soup - Thursday, September 24

Fund your project with soup!Are you working on something that is happening in the city of Vancouver and it is making our community a better, friendlier, or more sustainable place?  We are starting a new crowdfunding dinner and would love you to pitch your idea to win!
Happening at the Groundswell Cafe & Clubhouse, 566 Powell
Thursday, September 24th
Doors at 6 pm
Program 7 pm - 9 pm
For more info, contact Kerrie O'Donnell, Project Director of Vancouver SOUP

Soup poster

CONTACT: @vancouverSOUP

facebook banner

Groundswell Info Session @ Heartwood Community Cafe

Groundswell wordle Groundswell invites you to Heartwood Community Cafe for an Info Session / Q & A with our Mentoring & Facilitation Team to help answer the question:

"What the heck is a social enterprise... and what are they doing to change the world?!"

Interested in joining an community that is making positive change by building social ventures and community projects?  Check out what Groundswell is doing with young people in the city to rebuild an economy where people and the planet are put before profits.  You don't have to do a job you don't love.  You can create your own meaningful work. 

Meet the team, plus current participants and alumni, and get all the details about what Groundswell is about and what we offer in our upcoming 6 Month Clubhouse Package.   The next one is happening:

Thursday, August 20th at 4:30 PM at Heartwood Community Cafe, 317 Broadway Avenue in Vancouver, BC

Please RSVP to: communications[at] And invite your friends on Facebook!

impact IDEA JAM & Ice Cream! August 13th @ 7pm

Happening: Thursday, August 13th @ 7:00Groundswell Café & Clubhouse, 566 Powell St. Reserve your seat:

icecreamjam poster

There are plenty of good ideas out there that could make this world a better, more equitable, cleaner, greener, happier place - and we are here to help you realize them!

Groundswell is opening it's doors to the public for this event that will let YOU share your great ideas with others who want to make change in this world anhd in your community. We are looking for ideas for projects, ventures or products that can be created by an individual or group and that create a positive impact: whether that be reducing waste and increasing creativity, employing people with barriers to employment, or providing healthy, accessible food. 

But we don't just want to talk about great ideas, we want to put them into ACTION!


0 - Come to the Groundswell clubhouse, 566 Powell St. at 7:00 pm on Thursday, August 13th.

1 - You can share your ideas in small groups - or just listen to the great ideas in the room.  Get some feedback, give some feedback, learn a little, find supporters.

2 - Then, up to two ideas per group will be nominated to be presented to the entire room.  Those ideas will get another round of feedback from our team of expert mentors and the audience.

3 - Finally, one idea - the most feasible, the one with the most impact, and the one with the most dedication behind it - will get voted to the top to WIN a mentoring package with Groundswell's Social Venture Start-Up program & team!

....and eat ice cream!

So, got an idea or want to see what is simmering in people's brains, waiting to be unleashed? Get your ticket (free or donate to support the movement!) and come on down to the Groundswell clubhouse on August 13th!

RSVP here: Email: with any questions

Super Chill in Dude Chilling Park - July 23rd

grass grassVancouver has this amazing social impact scene, attracting people who want to make a difference, who work hard, every day, to bring innovative solutions to our most pressing social problems. This is tough work! So we thought we'd invite everyone over to the park - Dude Chilling Park, of course - to lounge in the grass, toss some toys around, and PLAY! and also learn about what cool things the rest of the crew is up to.

WHERE: Dude Chilling (Guelph) Park WHEN: Thursday July 23rd, 6:00 pm Join & Share on Facebook!

Join us! Meet the people behind the scenes making Vancouver a wicked place to live for EVERYONE, and at the front lines, working for the greater good.

barbecue! balls! b--r!

Now let's play :-)

DTES Social Impact Walking Tour Series


What makes the DTES the beating heart of social change action in Vancouver?  Join us for a series of expertly guided walks to explore the sometimes hidden places and operations of social impact that make this place come alive.

When: Tuesdays in July at 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Get your tickets here! Share and invite your friends on Facebook $25 per tour or pay what you can, if you can afford more, or less, of the standard cost.

Your walking tour host, Groundswell, is part of a vital ecosystem of social enterprise in the DTES, where some of the oldest, newest, most diverse, and widest serving social enterprises - non-profits, social impact businesses, co-operatives, etc., - are found.   


Being located in the DTES surrounds us with incredibly deep local and historical knowledge, lived experience and place-based expertise, creating an abundance of social and community capital.  We are hosting a series of walking tours to explore this unique social and economic ecosystem and share what we’ve learned from our neighbours, partners, and alumni that make this neighbourhood a hub for innovative social action.  Come and get to know the people and places that help make up the beating heart of Vancouver’s social economy.


Learn about your tour quide, local community economic development strategist Wes Regan, below!

Walking Tour Schedule


**please arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts**

Tour #1: New Ventures Doing it Differently July 14th, 4:00 pm start

Groundswell is cultivating entrepreneurial skills in people who care about people and the planet more than profit.  What does this look like?  Meet a few of the people and projects they have launched out of Groundswell’s community and landed in the local community, and see first hand the transformative impact they’ve had in their own lives and in the community around them.  


Stops along the way:

Meet at Another Space, 1523 E Pender Street - a brand new community art and wellness hub.

Wood Shop Worker's Co-operative - where dismantling pallets means dismantling the economic system.

Hives For Humanity - Building community with bees

Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives and REV-Up - putting people's dreams and values to work for them.


Snacks and beverages on us at Groundswell. Stick around for a Groundswell Info Session at 6 pm and stay late for a social night of live music and refreshments at the cafe!


Tour #2: The Global-Local Connection of Vancouver Eastside's Social Enterprises July 21st, 4:00 pm start

This cluster of social enterprises shows how an intense local impact can actually grow to be part of a broader ecosystem in other communities that want to see their economies guided by the same values. These projects have scaled to have a scope of influence with impact far beyond the DTES: sharing their knowledge, best practices, their own conscientious practices, and more, and gaining an international profile due to their success.

Stops along the way:

The Hive ** meet here** East Van Roasters Potluck Cafe Society The Window Lost & Found Cafe with Groundswell Info Session

Tour #3: What is actually going on here?  Innovative Uses of Urban Space

July 28th, 4:00 pm start at Soul Food's original vacant lot farm at E. Hastings St. & Hawkes Ave.


These are not your typical storefront enterprises: these highly visible but mysterious operations are employing innovative uses of space for unexpected social purpose, programming, impact, and placemaking that is much deeper than appears at a glance.

Occupying a mix of private and public space, whether it’s local food serving local housing food programs, creating low barrier jobs, or providing a service to local businesses diverting waste from our regional landfills, the projects have deep, intensive uses, yet we often pass by without realizing the full scope of what is going on.

Come and explore the stops along the way:

Strathcona Resource Park Soul Food Farm DTES Street Market & Solar Powered Tool Share Hastings Urban Farm on Facebook The Wood Shop Groundswell  Info Session


About the host organization


Hosted by Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives, a non-profit society building a community of people and projects that are part of a greater movement for positive social and economic change. Participants receive training and mentoring in Groundswell's DTES café and clubhouse location to create community based projects and ventures that put people and the planet before profit.  


About your tour guide


Tour guide Wes Regan is a social venture start-up mentor at Groundswell and has worked in sustainable community economic development in Vancouver’s Eastside since 2009.  He is the founding Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association (HxBIA) Canada’s first Social Innovation BIA, and co-founder of award winning greentech firm, Urban Stream. Wes’ career has spanned urban food system development, community engagement, economic planning and government advocacy and academia. Passionate about capacity building, education and engagement, Wes is also an instructor at Simon Fraser University’s Community Economic Development Program.   He has spoken about community economic development, green businesses, new economy thinking and urban issues at conferences in the United States and Canada and his ideas and opinions have appeared in TechVibes, the Vancouver Observer, the Georgia Straight and other publications.  He is also the Green Party of Canada’s Critic for Urban Affairs and Housing.


 DTES walking tour Series July15


Colours of Edziza- Film Screening and Dialogue - May 26th

POSTER Join Groundswell Economic Alternatives, the First Nations Technology Council and Expedition Leaders Curtis Rattray and Mike Schauch in an intimate film screening and dialogue. Doors open: 7 pm Film start: 7:30 Film end: 8:12 Dialogue to follow to 9 pm *** Interested in Groundswell? Come to an Info Session at 6 pm before the screening.


This extraordinary journey begins with two leaders from different worlds—a member of the Tahltan Nation and leader among his people looking to pass his teachings on to his kin, and a West Coast mountaineer and investment professional seeking new adventure while exploring his own connection to the land. Brought together by their passion for learning from the land, they are joined by two younger Tahltans, an artist and an 18 year old youth, to traverse one of the last, great untamed places on earth. Venturing deep into the remote and rugged mountains of the Tahltan territory in northern British Columbia, the two leaders discover a new shared connection, one that would allow them to put their differences aside and accomplish this incredible traverse together.


Following the film screening, join Expedition Leaders Curtis Rattray and Mike Schauch in an engaging dialogue as they shed more light on their journey and learnings, what we can learn about cross cultural leadership, the importance of respect, and our role as leaders within our community.

Tickets are available at: Pay what you can!

ReSchool: Charles Tsai is our Day 2 keynote + check out these 6 education innovation cases

Reposted from the Radius SFU blog,  our partners for ReSchool: Transform the Future of Education, By Maggie Knight

We’re delighted to announce that Charles Tsai will be our second keynote speaker, and that the following 6 cases will be part of ReSchool. There are still a few registration spots left – get your registration in ASAP!



From Excellent Sheep to Motivated Elephants – A New Vision for Mass Education

Charles Tsai is an educator and champion of young social innovators. He started a democratic charity for youth and mentored hundreds of young changemakers through Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. He has developed social innovation tools for Ashoka, the World Bank, and Adobe’s Youth Voices. And he regularly facilitates workshops and bootcamps for schools, community organizations and foundations.

Charles is now working on launching a new type of secondary school that prepares young people to be self-directed lifelong learners. He was inspired by a program created by teenagers in Massachusetts, which he documented in the viral video, “If students designed their own schools…” His goal is to shift mainstream education away from the current industrial model to one that is driven by the learner’s own curiosity, passion, and sense of purpose.

Charles joins Quest University President David Helfand as a ReSchool keynote speaker.


Each case represents a significant innovation in education and will be presented in 5 minutes and workshopped by cross-cutting groups of participants.

Elaine Su – Compass Community School

Compass Community School is a disruptive new vision for community based primary school, deeply rooted in the belief that we owe it to children to expect more of them. Imagine a school that is mobile, active in the community, and that integrates high academic performance with real-life learning. Where twenty young learners ride around on bikes every day, heading out to their next learning adventure, and everyone who sees them waves because they know, respect, and cherish who they are. A non-profit, independent school, we are in the business of educating world-changing leaders of today and tomorrow.

Charles Tsai – Tiny Home School

Tiny Home School is redesigning secondary education for the 21st century. We are replacing the current factory model and standardized curriculum with an approach student-centered and self-directed approach to learning, yielding better outcomes for students and society. The pilot cohort will be made up of high school “walkouts and Aboriginal youth who want to build their own tiny house (on wheels) – through self-directed learning rather than a teacher-led homebuilding program. When they graduate, they will have a house of their own (to use or sell) and a powerful story that will shift hearts and minds.

Chad Lubelsky – J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s RECODE initiative

We would like to explore RECODE’s potential in enabling post-secondary institutions to build the necessary infrastructure to become drivers of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Launched in 2014, RECODE is an initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, created in collaboration with thought leaders and partners from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. A call to social innovation—to redesign public institutions from the inside out; to disrupt business as usual; to found and grow new social enterprises; to create partnerships across institutional and sectoral boundaries – in short, to ‘RECODE’ our culture’s operating systems in order to achieve a more just, sustainable, and beautiful world.

CityStudio Vancouver – One Year Program

We are building a one year program that will allow students to experience an immersive and energetic environment as they work on collaborative city building inside City Hall. In teams of 4, they will design, execute and evaluate real projects on the ground co-created with Vancouver city staff, community members and professionals. Major outcomes will include the development of key employment skills, revealing and challenging hidden assumptions about leadership, power and collaboration.

Shaun Fraser – SKY: No Limits (Richmond Virtual School)

Personalized learning for students in Grade 11 and 12 at Richmond Virtual School. A different approach to learning combines Project Based Learning with our Blended Online Learning program. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other students, community members, and two RVS teachers on cross-curricular projects in 4 courses. At the SKY program students have the opportunity to pursue their interests through a blended approach involving class meetings, online learning, and meaningful project based learning.

Sky Intro from RVS on Vimeo.

Kara and Brianna – Oak and Orca Bioregional School 

Oak and Orca Distributed Learning School is launching a radical new inquiry-based high school option for credits towards graduation with a BC Dogwood diploma.  The school has experience with inquiry learning face to face, but wishes to reach a greater number of students by taking inquiry learning to home-learners. The challenge is to create a well resourced online learning space (in a home-learning context) where students can actively engage in true interdisciplinary inquiry and collaboration.  We hope to create infrastructure for students to support them to independently engage in inquiry. We envision learning structures that guide and inspire but don’t limit and prescribe.

ReSchool: Transform the Future of Learning - May 29th & 30th

Presented by RADIUS, Groundswell, and Ashoka

ReSchool is a hands-on conference+design sprint for education innovators of all stripes. We’re working to create community across sector boundaries, push bold thinking, and prototype new models, together.

Whether you are designing a whole new school or independent program, a teacher pursuing innovative curriculum models, or a student or passionate amateur with bold ideas for how to make education better, this is the place to find inspiration, like minds, and collaborators in bringing those ideas to life. Join us!

Announcement! **Charles Tsai is our Day 2 Keynote and check out these 6 education innovation cases that you'll see at the event.**



When – May 29th and May 30th, 2015 Who – Up to 100 innovators and practitioners drawn from institutions, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and beyond. Project teams will be diverse. Where – SFU Surrey (across the street from the Surrey Central skytrain) 250-13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C., Canada V3T 0A3

Ticket Info Institutional participant – $400 Individual participant – $225 Student participant – $100 Get your ticket here!

There are a limited number of bursaries available for participants who face financial barriers. Please apply here by May 1st; applications may be considered on a rolling basis.

Program details A very hands on and very full 2-day event designed to inspire, practice, and prototype:

Day 1 o   provocation and inspiration on education innovation; o   community building; o   unearthing key design principles for the future of learning, through building your dream program with a small team over and afternoon; o   community debrief; and o   design sprint pitches.

Day 2 o   deep dive case studies of emerging models drawn from participants; o   training in design sprints for innovation; o   forming teams to build prototypes for the future of education (new independent schools, innovation school prototype concepts, new local or national programs etc.); and o   a wrap-up showcase of prototypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Participate?  

Anyone who has a passion for learning and education is invited to participate. Even more specifically, anyone who is interested in the revitalization, reformation and reinvention of education as we know it today, will be keenly interested in this experience.

This might mean you are an educator or administrator working in the formal K – 12 or post-secondary system. Or, it might mean you are a practitioner or informal educator who builds your own curricula. It might even mean you are a student — a passionate amateur — who has big bold ideas for what you wish your education could be. We want you there too. In fact you’re central to this process.

 This doesn’t look like a typical conference: What will I get out of participating?

A central goal of ReSchool is to move from just talking about what education could be to actually creating the models we wish existed. We notice a pretty strong correlation between the style of traditional conferences and current mainstream models of education: Sit. Listen. Repeat.

How can we innovate education when our convening models are structured in the exact same way? To innovate education we must innovate the processes we use to gather. ReSchool is our attempt to do this.

When we first conceived of the idea, we summarized it as StartUp Weekend for Schools! Its evolved since then, and we’ve kept some elements that will be familiar to conference goers: A keynote speaker and a few other short Pecha Kucha/TED style talks; networking; coffee breaks, for example. All those things will be there. We might even sit in a lecture hall or two.

But, the energy, process innovation and outcomes of a StartUp Weekend are the experiential twists we’ve injected into the same old conference experience. The two days will both move you toward prototypes for new courses, programs and learning experiences, as well as provide you training in design methods. You can expect to leave these two days with:

*experience in human centered design methods and rapid prototyping tools — bring them back to your work! Use these processes again!

*bold new ideas to integrate into your work and/or a ready-to-implement prototype of the new course, program, school or experience you seek to build

*a community of collaborators — we’re going beyond networking to deepen relationships among education innovators

*a deeper understanding of current trends and futures forecasts affecting education

 What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a process that enables teams to rapidly create new products (at least in the Google contextwhere this particular term was coined). It is part of the suite of tools and processes associated with design thinking methodologies, in particular popularized through the work of Ideo.

We will be using an adapted design sprint process that we’ve created especially for ReSchool to move teams of participants from ideas to prototypes.

(While you’re looking at links, check out this great toolkit Ideo built just for educators wanting to use design thinking!)

 What is a Case Study? What kinds of ideas will be considered as Cases?  

A Case Study is what we’re calling the ideas that will go through the design sprint process. They will be pitched by team leads, and then design teams comprised of ReSchool participants will work together to move from idea to prototype.

A group of participants will be selected to present their ideas as case studies. More details on the case study selection process is forthcoming.

 What if I do not have an idea I want to work on? Can I still come?


Absolutely. If you are interested in the future of education, in seeing current education models innovated, we absolutely want you to be there. A key part of the design sprint process is forming teams to work on ideas. As a participant not looking to build an idea, you will be an invaluable member of someone else’s team.


This event is hosted by RADIUS, Groundswell, and Ashoka in partnership with RECODE, SFU Surrey, and the BC Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation. We thank the Vancouver Foundation, RBC Foundation, and Bombardier Foundation for their contributions to the event’s success and their continued support for changemaking in education.

The 2015 Showcase Gala!

We are very excited to present this year's ventures, and the amazing group of participants making them happen, at Groundswell's 2015 Showcase Gala!  This is our chance to invite you to support our projects, learn about our work and contribute to the building of a community around an emerging, human centered economy. 966231_10203644784177667_2263329618088034760_oDate: Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 Time: Doors 5:30 pm, Program starts at 6:00 , pitches at 6:30 & 8:00. Place: Groundswell Clubhouse & Café, 566 Powell Street, between Jackson and Princess Ave. RSVP for free: Prizes! #Groundswell2015 @GroundswellYVR for best photo and most retweeted tweet!

We have developed a social venture start-up matrix that demonstrates the different stages and types of ventures that will be presented at the Gala.  Check out the matrix below and the 2015 projects (check back for updates!) where many types of ventures from paradigm shifting grassroots nurseries to for-profit affordable housing initiatives are listed with links to more content.


See you there! 


A helping of super local food expert & entrepreneur Ryan Spong of Tacofino &

tacofino truckWhen : Tuesday, April 14th @ 5:30 pmWhere: Groundswell Cafe & Learning Space, 566 Powell St. Why: Because slow food/zero waste/local business expert and entrepreneur Ryan Spong is in the clubhouse for a q&a session...and he's bringing burritos to share!

**Interested in what Groundswell is doing? Stay for a Groundswell Info Session after the chat!***

ryan spongWho:  In Ryan's words:
I'm entrepreneurial by definition in that I initiate calculated risks to take advantage of opportunities through innovation or improvement. I have experience in public and private markets and I've channeled that entrepreneurial attitude into everything I've done.
But I'm also an entrepreneur who has a history of starting, growing and selling innovative businesses. When I returned to Vancouver, I leveraged my experience, contacts and licenses (NASD and BCSC) to form Mainstreet Advisors, a boutique financing company, which raised several million dollars for public companies, some of which I've served as CEO and CFO.
food.eeI lost interest in public markets - at least the Venture market - and Mainstreet now focuses on incubating business ideas. In 2006, we founded Raincity Rock with two very talented operators which we sold in 2013 to a civil contractor. In 2008, we established Preform Construction - a sustainable high-end prefab manufacturer - with Architect firm AARobins, which we closed in the 2011 housing crash and sold for assets. In 2010, I invested and partnered in Tacofino Cantina. We cook surf-inspired, Asian-Mexican fusion with a focus on slow-food practices and reducing our waste. We support the people who support us by giving back to the communities we serve through volunteerism and donations.
In September 2013, I joined Foodee and we instituted a loco bccommitment to quality and best practices. It's a high growth story that our team is very proud of.
I spend my free time advocating for local business on the LOCO BC board and enjoying Mount Pleasant where I live with my wife Chloe, my boys Sawyer and Kincaid and our dog, Gucci."

Toby Barrazuol: Infusing Your Brand with Your Values

toby barrazuol "Real prosperity is about creating a new economic system that is driven by different ideals, not simply greening our existing economy. Real prosperity is an economic system that regenerates the environment, builds social capital, and enhancing the arts and culture. Real prosperity values beauty, happiness, respect and the human experience."

Toby infused his own values of giving and recognition into his company, Eclipse Awards, which he founded in 1998.  He will be talking about his experience as an entrepreneur and about branding and marketing for values-based businesses in general.


Come join us at Groundswell to hear and chat with Toby Barazzuol: Tuesday, March 17th, at 5:15 PM, at the Groundswell Café, 566 Powell St.


Toby was born and raised in the rainforests of Vancouver, BC.  He is Board Chair & President of BALLE -, (where this bio is sourced).  Toby also serves as the Chair of the Strathcona BIA, which includes Groundswell. Toby believes that understanding sustainability is the single greatest investment that a business can make towards its future success and he volunteers 20 percent of his time to building a resilient community in one of Canada’s most challenging neighborhoods. Toby is fascinated by the intersection of business, the arts, and the environment, and is inspired by the idea of communities and ecosystems.


  • strathcona resource exchangeCreated the Strathcona BIA Resource Park to build a place for local businesses to address waste reduction and organics recycling.
  • Hosted Canada's first small business sustainability expo, Sustainability 1.0, an event that galvanized the Strathcona community around sustainability and provided a collective vision for the neighborhood.
  • Subsequently hosted Sustainability 2.0 and 3.0, further building collaboration and sustainability in the Strathcona community.
  • Through the work with Strathcona BIA and Building Opportunities through Business, Toby built support for SOLE Food Street Farms, an urban farm project in the Strathcona Green Zone that provides opportunities to learn to grow local, organic food.


Poster-Ninja Training Camp & Potluck

***RESCHEDULED!*** Now that the acid smoke has cleared from the port fire,  Sandra, Billy and Stuart would like to (re)invite you....

photoshop 1

Are you a GIMP wimp? Come to Groundswell on March 4th and learn how to build effective, sexy posters and media pieces for your alternative-business, event, or the coming revolution!

When: Wednesday, March 18th, 6:00-8:30  RSVP on Faqcebook here.

Gimp-on-Mevvy.com_What: Lean to use GNU Image Manipulation Program (@GIMP), an open-source image editing and design application, to create posters and social media graphics. The workshop will include an introduction to GIMP (no previous experience necessary), an introduction to simple design principles, and an introduction to basic image editing techniques.

This evening is a barter exchange course offered through Trade School Vancouver. The facilitators, Stuart, Sandra and Billy, ask you to bring one of the following in exchange for the course:

eternal return+ Buy a stranger breakfast or lunch before you come, and tell us about it + Spend an hour helping someone who needs it before you come, and tell us about it + We would never turn down beer, coffee, baked goods or homemade treats + A beginner guitar lesson + Used outdoor equipment + Lamps, fabric or material to be up-cycled + Organic kombucha starter (scoby) or organic vegetable seeds + A surprise!

Please participate in the potluck dinner as well! We will take time to eat and socialize mid-way through the evening. We invite you to bring a dish to share with a clear list of ingredients.

Please bring the following:

+ A computer running Mac OS, Windows, or Linux*, + One of the barter items listed above + Potluck contribution and ingredient list + Your ideas and enthusiasm!

*A few extra computers will be available for use. If you own a computer, please consider sharing it with those that do not at the event. For full system requirements visit 57458_10203644767337246_6485888548196641528_o Where: Groundswell Café + Event Space at 566 Powell Street, on the unceded Traditional Territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations.

Who: Everyone welcome. This event aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for all genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities and identities. If we have overlooked any barriers to your participation, please let us know! The Groundswell Cafe is wheelchair accessible, however, both gender inclusive bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. Access to the Cafe includes travel up a short, slight incline (3’ long, rising 2”). Bathroom doorways are 33” wide. The nearest wheelchair accessible bathroom are public facilities in Oppenheimer Park.

GIMP Trade School Vancouver

Presenting the radical credit union's Ross Gentleman

CCEC is a self described radical activist credit union on Commercial Drive and it's General Manager is Ross Gentleman. WHEN: Tuesday, March 10th, 5:15 pmccec history WHERE: Groundswell Café, 566 Powell St. 

The kindest, most personable guy in finance, Ross with have some interesting stories about the role of a credit union in our community, from it's humble beginnings, to it's still humble - yet increasingly important - role in the future of our communties.

A big thanks to CCEC not only for lending us Ross for an evening but for it's continued support of Groundswell and it's radical endeavors, from awarding us the Roger Inman Memorial Award for Community Economic Development in our first year, financing micro loans for our participants, to financial sponsorship.

we loveccec logo_trans