Rocking the Podcast Interview


By Jill Binder, Cohort 8, Groundswell Build

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I just did my first podcast interview for my new business.

I can’t believe how well it went! And I have Groundswell to thank.

Honestly, I thought all the work we’ve been doing on our pitches for showcase graduation night was a waste of time for me. I didn’t think I needed it. With the help of the mentors, I did a 15-minute pitch to 10 companies at a conference I attended in December that was received very well. Why do I also need a short 2.5 minute version?

Well my friends, I will tell you. After months of working tirelessly on our 2.5 min pitches and getting them tight and effective, it meant I had great sound bites off the top of my head already polished and well rehearsed. It was easy. It was smooth.

I am not always a confident person, so for me to say “I rocked that interview”, you need to know that I really, really rocked that interview.

Listen to the podcast:  

My segment is: 20:36-45:52.

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