Alumni Profile: Wood Shop Worker's Coop

Groundswell alumni Chris Nichols and Jessica Valentine are worker-owners in a cooperative that upcycles waste wood into custom furniture, a venture founded in Groundswell's Venture Program that attempts to address both economic inequalities and waste in the city.  

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At Wood Shop, we try not to gloss over these realities, but meet them head on in as many ways as possible.

This is why we incorporated as a Worker’s Cooperative.

This is why we source and use recycled/upcycled materials as much as we can.

This is why we reach out into the community to support and engage in local initiatives and projects.

Our small worker co-op is not the solution to all the world’s problems. Rather, we try to be a small but important cog in an engine for social change, organizing differently and partnering with like-minded organizations and people, within and without Vancouver.