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Real Stories of Starting Up | Potluck Social

What does it actually take to start up your own socially conscious small business? 

What does a day in the life of a social entrepreneur really look like?

Meet these courageous, young Groundswell alumni who have taken the change they want to see in the world into their own hands.  They are putting their heart and sweat into building cooperatives, small businesses and social enterprises, and they want to share then ups and downs of this rollercoaster reality of entrepreneurship with you!

Come early at 4:30 for more information about Groundswell’s programming! RSVP here.

The Panel

18-09-05 Anna.png

Anna Bohn

Anna is a communication designer who seeks to shift how we talk about the environment. In 2016, Anna and business partner Robin Oshiro founded Etho Studio to help small and medium-sized sustainability-minded organizations tell their story. In house, they are currently working on a tool that helps users understand and reduce their ecological footprint.

Etho Studio

18-09-25 Jessica.png

Jessica Valentine

Jessica Valentine is the Sales & Marketing Director and a Worker-Owner at Wood Shop Worker's Co-op.  A venture founded in Groundswell in 2013,  Wood Shop is driven by a desire to design and craft furniture and interiors that are not only beautiful and sustainable but encourage a narrative around upcycling and wood waste diversion. 

Wood Shop Co-op

18-09-25 Trixie.png

Trixie Ling

Trixie Ling is the founder of Flavours of Hope, a non-profit social enterprise that supports and empowers newcomer women to earn a living wage and build social connections in communities through cooking and sharing culinary traditions and stories.

Flavours Of Hope

What's happening

5:30 - Doors. Get settled and grab a drink
6:00 - Panel discussion + q&a
7:00 - Potluck!  Bring a dish to share or contribute $10 to the pot when you RSVP and we'll make sure there's plenty to go around!

Every month, Groundswell hosts a community potluck and gathering to connect, share and celebrate with new and old faces in this ecosystem of social change and entrepreneurship.  Come hang out!  Sign up for the Groundswell newsletter to stay informed about all our events and opportunities.